• Dark Thoughts
    Get ready to be uncomfortable. Today, I would like to talk about something very dark. Thoughts that some of us, or our friends and family, may have had. Thoughts so dark, they are typically deemed a taboo to even be brought up, straight up poison for anybody aiming to please social media algorithms. Today, we‘re … Read more
  • Feeling Stuck
    It’s 2:48 pm, the pasta carbonara from lunch still heavy in my stomach, I’m sitting in front of a steaming hot cup of coffee with a few excel sheets open on my laptop. In my head – just silence. If there’s one thing I hate, its “feeling #stuck”. Recently, I had been working on a … Read more
  • CareTaker
    Has this ever happened to you?Your day starts out neat and tidy, but hour after hour things just seem to spiral out of control:An urgent e-mail comes in, your boss wants to see you, your neck starts hurting, your partner asks you to pick up groceries on the way home and the one deadline you‘ve … Read more
  • High-Potentials
    In work as in life – you reap what you sow. During my years of working with various companies on projects big and small, I encountered many high skilled, well-educated young professionals. It might be a final year student, a PhD student or a recent graduate that has just started out in their career. Whenever … Read more
  • Inner critic
    Who is the master, who is the slave? My inner critic is my own worst enemy. How many times a day do you hear that tiny, nagging voice in the back of your head that constantly judges, criticises and belittles everything you do? It seems no matter how much I get done, how efficient I … Read more
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