This fancy picture was taken at last week‘s Lumina Connect gala-dinner, together with my new japanese friend Megumi Okugiri ??

Sometimes, we forget the importance of a night full of carefree fun in a busy work week.
Usually, the big celebrations happen at the end of a conference or seminar – this time, it happened on day one!
While this meant that some of us (definitely not me…) were a little in need of coffee the next morning, it also meant that we experienced the next two days with a sense of warm unity, joy and released tension.
In times that we face a lot of crisis and bad news, be it from war, the economy or other sources, it‘s important to take the time to have some moments of celebration together. To gift each other a few hours of happiness and laughter.

I hope to meet many of you again soon – have a great weekend everyone!

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