Patience is a virtue! Especially patience with yourself.

Has this ever happened to you?
You planned out your day so well – a 9 am meeting, a few hours of responding to emails, lunch break, another meeting scheduled for afternoon and then an afternoon jog to complete the day. You’ve got it all set up!
Then, one thing after another starts falling apart: a meeting gets moved, a key client isn’t picking up the phone, the printer isn’t working and you start to see your carefully-built plan crumble. Already slightly annoyed, you cancel your workout plans as well.
Don‘t you wanna scream? Argh! Why did you even make plans?

On days like that, remember that a well structured and fulfilled day is based on two things: having a plan and being flexible if said plan changes. Sometimes, things just aren’t in our hands!
I’ve been trying to be more accepting of the things I can‘t control, to show patience and to adjust my expectations if needed.
The reward? Inner peace! I feel calm and gratified, I already did everything to make sure I have the best day possible.

I‘m the queen in my own kingdom – I set my own expectations and I take responsibility for my own well-being. No matter how the day goes ??

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