Inner critic

Who is the master, who is the slave?

My inner critic is my own worst enemy.
How many times a day do you hear that tiny, nagging voice in the back of your head that constantly judges, criticises and belittles everything you do?

It seems no matter how much I get done, how efficient I work, how well I perform – there’s always a part of me that tells me „you could have done better“.
The way I actually am and the way I would like to be rarely line up, an inner conflict arises, I feel out of balance and disappointed with myself. I’ve been working all day and yet, I feel unaccomplished.
How did we get here?

Let’s break out of this cycle:
It‘s like the tale of the two wolves that live inside you: one being supportive and one being critical of everything you do.
The wolves are always fighting. But only the one you choose to feed will win.

It‘s time to starve out the inner critic!
His intentions may be to help us advance in life, but his words aren’t helpful and he takes up valuable resources and space in our already cluttered minds.

From today on, I want to stop being a slave to my own unrealistic expectations. Instead, I choose a more caring, nurturing approach: acknowledging the inner critic as a part of me, but not letting it control me. I am enough. I do enough. I will love myself the way I am.

Join me in my journey to a healthier and more balanced mindset! How do you deal with your inner critic?

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